THE 1/2 HOUR NEWS HOUR….Jeez, I almost forgot. And maybe it would be better if I had. But I have to ask: Did anyone else catch Fox’s new comedy news show last night? I realize that liberals and conservatives generally find each other’s humor puerile and leaden, but even taking that into account the show was bad. Really bad. Like the very worst of SNL’s Weekend Update during the very worst of SNL’s long run.

And what was with Jenn Robertson? Did they cast her in the co-anchor role because she looks and sounds like Jane Curtin? How lame is that?

And were they using a laugh track? In front of a studio audience?

Anyway, not to get overly serious about this, but there’s a lesson here: it’s a mistake to mindlessly copy the other side’s successes. We haven’t been able to copy Rush Limbaugh, and they haven’t been able to copy Kos or Jon Stewart. Sometimes it’s best to understand that and move on.

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