FRIDAY DOG BLOGGING….As promised earlier this week, today is equal opportunity pet blogging day. The fine looking critter below is Mischa, my brother’s new dog. Mischa is a 9-week-old applehead teacup chihuahua.

On the left, Mischa is checking out Gabbro, my brother’s cat. I’m told that moments after this picture was taken Gabbro headed for the hills. On the right is Mischa on a visit to our house a couple of days ago. As you can see, Inkblot is on the landing in the background looking on suspiciously. Mischa was a little too hyperactive for our cats, who kept a safe distance the whole time.

Speaking of cats, everyone is doing fine around here. Domino has finally figured out that jumping up on my desk while I’m blogging is a reliable way of getting some attention. That’s fine, but unfortunately she has a tendency to scratch herself on the corner of the keyboard, which is where the sleep button sits. One wrong move and my computer is locked. This is not a problem except that even after I revive the machine the internet connection remains dead. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out how to revive the internet connection except by rebooting the PC. Stupid cat.

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