LIBERAL AMERICA?….James Joyner reports today on a new Gallup poll showing that the number of Americans who self-identify as conservative is twice the number who self-identify as liberal. He comments:

This is especially interesting considering that the public seems to continue to demand liberal policies, opposing even nominal market-based reform of Social Security, continuing to push for the socialization of health care, expecting instant bail-outs for poor financial decisions, and generally wanting more federal spending on a variety of social programs.

Twas always so. Harris has been tracking liberal vs. conservative ID for several decades, and the numbers have been pretty rock solid. Ronald Reagan made conservatism slightly more popular and Clinton made it slightly less, but the changes have been modest and today we’re in almost precisely the same spot as we were in 1976. What’s more, the fact that this supposedly conservative country continues to favor operational liberalism hasn’t changed much either. Apparently we just don’t like to admit it.