THE LA TIMES AND THE WAR….Just for the record: earlier today I guessed that the LA Times had supported the original Iraq war resolution as a way of giving President Bush maneuvering room to pressure Saddam Hussein. I guessed wrong. Via Nexis, here are the first and last paragraphs of the editorial they wrote on October 11, 2002:

The resolution Congress passed early today authorizing the use of military force against Iraq gives too much power to this and, potentially, future presidents to attack nations unilaterally based on mere suspicions.

….The world has indeed changed since Sept. 11, 2001. Iraq must be disarmed. But even the new terrorist threats should not panic this nation into abandoning one of its guiding principles.

Nuff said. Except for this: the fact that they got it right five years ago makes it all the more discouraging that they aren’t getting it right this time. Sigh.

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