WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA?….Conservative pundit Bruce Bartlett writes today that although he once believed the mainstream media had a liberal bias, he no longer thinks it does: “Major newspapers like the Post and New York Times are now fairly evenhanded in their news coverage.” However, he says that “evenhanded” gives conservatives an advantage:

The problem for those on the left these days is that during the long period when there was a pronounced liberal bias in the media, they got lazy. They just assumed that the major media would automatically take their side, do hit jobs on conservatives and basically do their job for them. By contrast, conservatives have always had to contend with an adversarial media and thus learned better media skills and techniques in order to compensate.

I would advise my liberal friends to stop whining about media bias. You had a free ride for a long time, and now it’s over. Get used to it, and learn how to use the media. Take a page from the conservative handbook and go around it.

I think there’s probably something to this — though unlike Bruce, I think that whining is a big part of the package. It worked pretty well for conservatives, after all. But basically he’s right: the world is what it is, and if the media isn’t portraying us the way we want, we need to figure out better media strategies. I think liberals have made some recent progress along these lines, but there’s still work to be done.