CLENIS WATCH….The endlessly entertaining Andrew Tobias comments on Purgegate today:

FEMA was politicized, the Veterans Department was entrusted to the former RNC chair, George Tenet was given a medal for his work at the CIA, Donald Rumsfeld did a brilliant job, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales always puts Justice ahead of politics. The competence and integrity are all but overwhelming. What’s next? Industry lobbyists in regulatory roles? Creationists on scientific panels? Oh — wait.

But there I go off into orbit, when all I wanted to do was answer one of my donors, who asked me to find out how many of the 93 Federal prosecutors were fired in the Clinton era. Eight? For political reasons?

As it happens, the Congressional Research Service has just released a report on this. It appears two resigned under pressure — one because he grabbed a TV reporter by the throat on camera, and the second having been accused of biting a topless dancer.

There you have it. Clinton did do it too. I expect this to be breaking news on Fox any moment now.