YET MORE ON VLOGGING….Not to beat this vlogging thing to death, but here’s a comment from Dan Drezner:

I suspect most people consume blogs very differently from vlogs. To consume a blog you actually need to read it, which implies that you’ve given it top priority among the things your conscious mind is processing at that moment. Vlogs, on the other hand, can be consumed more passively. Yes, you can watch your screen as a bloggingheads segment plays. And, certainly, there are small snippets of video that will command one’s full attention. On the whole, however people will treat a vlog the same way they treat the television or the radio — it can be on in the background while the consumer is consuming other things.

Hmmm. Is that true? I really can’t do that. Background music is one thing, but listening to an actual conversation while I read or write or have the TV on is beyond my multitasking capabilities.

How about the rest of you? Can you listen to vlogs in the background? Or do you need to actually pay attention, like me?

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