CASHING IN….Yesterday the London Times reported “fury” over the fact that the recently released British prisoners were cashing in on their fame by selling their stories to tabloid newspapers and TV shows. Today, the Times has toned it down to “criticism.” The Telegraph calls it “dismay” The Guardian suggests “anger.” The BBC thinks “fury” was the right word after all.

In any case, it looks like the prisoners are going to make upwards of half a million dollars between them for selling their stories. But you need to have an angle if you want the really big bucks:

One of the hostages, Dean Harris, 30, an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines, told a Sunday Times reporter yesterday: “I want £70,000. That is based on what the others have told me they have been offered. I know Faye has been offered a heck more than that. I am worth it because I was one of only two who didn’t crack.”

Indeed. At least until now, anyway.