A PINT’S 15 OUNCES THE WORLD ROUND….The British navy may be taking its lumps these days, but at least there are some Brits left who understand the importance of traditional culture:

Mike Benner, chief executive of [the Campaign for Real Ale], said: “It is a disgrace that up to a quarter of all pints served in the UK are less than 95% liquid when the consumer is paying for a full pint every time.”

Camra has launched an online “full pints” petition calling on the government to end short beer measures.

Quite right. Next up: are all the numbers on modern dart boards really the same size? We’ll report back next week.

UPDATE: As several commenters point out, “a pint’s a pound the world round” except in Britain, where it’s a pound and a quarter. So my headline is not only lame, but culturally ignorant. And anyway, no, I don’t know what the specific gravity of beer is. So let’s just forget the whole thing, OK?