ENOUGH….Yesterday I thought about writing a post bemoaning the tendency of so many people to use the Virginia Tech massacre as an instant excuse to trot out whichever position on gun control they already favored, but after a few moments I thought better of it. Aside from being tedious and sanctimonious, I’m not sure it’s even a reasonable point. When stuff like this happens, people like to talk. And when they talk, they talk about all sorts of stuff. They’re just being human.

Using it as an excuse for all-purpose foaming-at-the-mouth bigotry, on the other hand, is just vomit-inducing. It must be a Pakistani Muslim! No, it’s a Chinese national! No, it’s a Korean national who’s a permanent resident! Foreigners everywhere! Keep ’em out! After all, next time it really will be a Muslim shooting up one of our universities!

Anyway, turns out the shooter was “a South Korean native who immigrated to this country as a child.” So there you have it. Time to chill.

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