TRUE BELIEVERS….Over at Pelosi’s place, Jesse Lee blogs about yet more politicization of the Justice Department. Apparently you can’t even get considered for the intern program anymore if you’ve demonstrated any identifiable liberal traits. This is from an anonymous letter sent to House and Senate Judiciary committees:

After choosing potential candidates to interview, the division personnel forwarded their lists to the Office of Attorney Recruitment Management for what was traditionally final approval. This is no longer a final step, however, because the list had to go higher — to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General. When the list of potential interviewees was returned this year, it had been cut dramatically.

….When division personnel staff later compared the remaining interviewees with the candidates struck from the list, one common denominator appeared repeatedly: most of those struck from the list had interned for a Hill Democrat, clerked for a Democratic judge, worked for a “liberal” cause, or otherwise appeared to have “liberal” leanings. Summa cum laude graduates of both Yale and Harvard were rejected for interviews.

The full letter is here.

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