DEBATE ONE-LINERS….If I attempted any serious discussion of tonight’s debate my brain would explode. So instead, here’s a random sampling of one-liners from around the blogosphere. Enjoy!

Michael Crowley on Mitt Romney: The man is a human PowerPoint presentation — it’s almost scary.

Ana Marie Cox: Duncan Hunter would use nukes… but carefully.

Ezra Klein: Does anybody really believe religion is a “very important” part of Giuliani’s life? He seems like the type who would make holy water sizzle.

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Sam Brownback: Was he saying Bush causes cancer?

Matt Yglesias: Someone needs to tell Mitt Romney what “null set” means.

Brad Plumer on Tom Tancredo: Between his suggestion that we abolish St. Patrick’s Day and his whining that he has to “Press 1 for English” on automated phone menus, he was easily the biggest d-bag of the night.

Andrew Sullivan on Mitt Romney: It’s rare to see a fraud exposed quite as clearly in real time as the Republichameleon. So he’s for making English the national language, but runs campaign ads in Spanish: an almost perfect representation of the plastic one’s bullshit.

Ann Althouse: The question is Iran. Is it acceptable to talk to them? This is a boring question, so Blitzer spices it up by asking if it’s okay to nuke them.

John Derbyshire on John McCain: It’s getting really annoying hearing you call me your friend, John. When did I become your friend? “My friend” is what Third World bazaar traders call me when they want to sell me overpriced tchotchkes.

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