IMMIGRATION REFORM….In the LA Times today, Jonah Goldberg kinda sorta admits that at least some of the conservative opposition to immigration reform really does come from xenophobic nativists. “But they are the minority,” he says.

Fair enough. But then he says this:

The most important immigration policy is to enforce the policy, whatever it is….If I had my druthers, in 2001, Bush would have pursued a real clampdown on illegal immigration while at the same time expanding legal immigration, including from Mexico. I don’t even mind the idea of a one-time amnesty for illegals, if in fact it is a one-time deal. But again, a system in which we declare it’s a one-time amnesty but mean nothing of the sort means that we have no policy at all.

Indeed. That’s more or less my position too. But what Jonah doesn’t tell his readers is that the main opposition to implementing a policy like this comes from….the Republican Party. After all, everyone with a pulse and a three-digit IQ knows that the single most effective policy to cut down illegal immigration isn’t a border fence or more money for patrol cars. The single most effective policy would be to seriously clamp down on businesses that illegally hire undocumented workers. Really clamp down. There are plenty of smart proposals out there for doing just that, and some of them even have the added bonus of costing almost nothing.

But of course we know who opposes this policy change: the corporate paymasters of the Republican Party. Maybe somebody ought to have a word with them about that.