KNOCKED UP….I saw Knocked Up yesterday. I wouldn’t normally bother mentioning this, but because it’s gotten so many enthusiastic reviews I want to add mine to the pile: It was quite possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in the past year. Or three. I almost walked out halfway through out of sheer boredom.

The dialog is leaden. The plot was phoned in. There is not a single engaging character in the entire cast. Seth Rogen is almost completely charmless. There are no jokes worth more than a slightly upturned lip. We are expected to believe that Katherine Heigl has trouble getting a date. The supposed anguish of the characters is vapid and platitudinous. And aside from a change in the tempo of the music at the end, there is no genuine reason to believe that any of them has actually changed in any serious way.

So, um, I guess that’s a thumbs down from a married, childless, 48-year-old grump. Just thought I’d share in case there are other people out there like me.