THE PRESIDENT’S WRISTWATCH….Conspiracy theory of the day: Was George Bush’s watch stolen while he was working the crowd in Albania this weekend? Or did he take it off himself?

You be the judge! YouTube video is here. Selected frame grabs are below. At 51 seconds in, Bush has a watch. At 56 seconds he still has a watch. At 57 seconds hands are grabbing at his wrist. His hands are then obscured for a few seconds, and at 1:05 he doesn’t have a watch.

Bruce Schneier has collected three different denials that Bush was robbed. Denial 1: At about the one minute mark Bush put his hands behind his back so a bodyguard could remove his watch. Denial 2: It fell off. Denial 3: Bush took it off himself.

Maybe. But it would be a lot funnier if an Albanian pickpocket managed to rip off the president of the United States. Keep an eye on EBay.

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