BLOOMBERG!….Like Michael Bloomberg, my great-grandfather made the full circle from Democrat to Republican to independent. A local newspaper opined that Eli’s final switch was made so that he could “extract sweetness from both the old parties,” and I can’t help but think that that’s pretty much what Bloomberg has in mind too.

But that’s a minority view. Everyone else thinks that being on the cover of Time magazine with Arnold has gone to his head and he’s gearing up for a third-party run for president. I’m struggling to believe this, and it’s a struggle between two traits Bloomberg obviously must have. Clearly, to get where he’s gotten, he must be really ambitious and have an ego the size of Manhattan. So maybe he really will run. On the other hand, he didn’t get where he’s gotten by being an idiot. So he won’t.

For now, my money says he won’t run. It’s just too patently a suicide run. But I guess it doesn’t really matter what my money says, does it?

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