LEGAL NEWS UPDATE….In the least surprising judicial decision so far this year, a DC Superior Court judge decided today that a fellow DC judge doesn’t deserve $54 million because a local dry cleaners allegedly lost his pants. He deserves nada. Justice has been served.

In other, slightly more elevated judicial news, the Supreme Court handed down four decisions today. As Andrew Cohen points out, conservatives won them all:

Each of these decisions help establish the true conservative bona fides of this Court. It is more conservative than it was last term, when Sandra Day O’Connor sat in one some of the cases. And was more conservative last term than the term before that, before Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Sam Alito joined the Gang of Nine. In fact, the Court now is is so entrenched on the ground of the legal right that, aside from the global warming case decided earlier this year, it is hard to point to a single major ruling this term that could or would give succor to legal liberals or even jurisprudential moderates.

I think I have a case of the Mondays.

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