OPTOMETRY UPDATE….So I went to the optometrist this afternoon and they had a whole bunch of new machines. One of them performed a retina inspection test, which they said would cost $35 and wasn’t covered by insurance. However, it replaces the eye dilation business, which lots of people don’t like, so maybe I wanted to spring for it anyway?

Nah. The eye dilation thing has never bothered me. They always tell me to wear dark glasses afterward, but I don’t bother because my eyes don’t seem to care. So I figured I’d save the $35 and get my retinas checked the old fashioned way.

Big mistake. Are my eyes getting old? Did the doctor use an extra heaping helping of dilation stuff, just to teach me a lesson? Or what? All I know is that when I stepped out into the sunshine I could barely see, and then I spent some time at a red light fumbling around trying to put on the plastic dark glasses they gave me, and then they broke and fell off, and by the time I had gone to market and then home I had a splitting headache.

That’s never happened before. I guess next time I won’t be such a cheapskate.

POSTSCRIPT: It was also time for new frames. I’ll soon be wearing semi-fashionable small rectangular frames because, basically, that’s all you can get now. At least, that’s all you can get from the optometrist I go to. I figure I’m now only five years out of style instead of ten years.