IMPEACHMENT FEVER….M.J. Rosenberg argues that impeachment should not be off the table:

The Constitutional remedy of impeachment is no longer what it once was. For better or worse, the Republicans changed it, for all time, when they impeached Clinton over, essentially, nothing.

And Clinton changed it as well. Impeachment not only did not end his Presidency; it did not hurt his standing with the public. His numbers stayed high, even improved some, and he left office on schedule, a very popular President.

In other words, impeachment is no longer the political nuclear bomb it once was, especially if one knows in advance that conviction and removal from office is unlikely to occur.

Accordingly, impeachment proceedings are essentially the best means of getting information to the public which is otherwise unavailable.

Impeachment should become a routine tool for getting public attention whenever we disagree with a president of the opposite party? This might be the worst argument in favor of impeachment of all time.

Can we all please get a grip here? Remember: revenge is a dish best served cold.

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