MINISTRIES….Ramesh Ponnuru reports back from a journalists’ lunch hosted by John McCain:

McCain notes that corruption and the lack of political progress are continuing problems. “Whoever designed that government ought to be taken out and shot,” he said, referring to the large number of Iraqi ministries.

McCain is upset because Iraq has too many ministries? That’s very deckchairish on the Titanic of him, isn’t it?

Also this: “If there is no political progress over the next three months or so, McCain said, ‘some very tough calls would have to be made.’” Does this mean the New York Times will now run a story telling us that Republicans have been changing their tune on Iraq, suddenly emphasizing political progress as a benchmark instead of the level of violence?

In any case, three months from now is February 26. Mark your calendars.

POSTSCRIPT: For what it’s worth, Iraq appears to have 31 ministries these days. Just thought I’d clear that up.

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