HILLARY’S OPERATION….From Chris Cillizza:

To date, Obama has 19 offices in 13 states where Feb. 5 primaries are scheduled, including the campaign’s newest satellite office in Fargo, North Dakota….Clinton, by contrast, has five total offices currently open in Feb. 5 states — two in California, and one each in New Jersey, New York and Arkansas.

Cillizza bills this as evidence that Obama thinks the primary season will still be in full swing after January, which is fair enough, but it’s the flip side that surprises me the most: Hillary only has five offices up and running so far in the Feb. 5 states? Why? She has plenty of money, she has a top notch campaign operation, ten weeks isn’t very long for regional offices to get fully staffed and functional, and she can’t possibly believe with any confidence that the whole thing is going to be over by the end of January. So why wait so long to begin serious local organizing?