GIULIANI MELTS DOWN….M.J. Rosenberg writes this morning about Rudy Giuliani’s “halting, nervous, scared, inarticulate performance” on Meet the Press yesterday:

I have been watching Meet The Press since, I don’t know, Estes Kefauver days and, I’m sad to say, Rudy Giuliani provided the worst performance I’ve ever seen by a major Presidential candidate.

….Russert prosecuted the famed prosecutor, enumerating one Giuliani scandal after another. All Rudy could do was giggle. He reminded me of that ancient clip in which Bobby Kennedy grilled some miscreant at a Senate hearing and the bad guy laughed at every question. Bobby finally said: “Are you going to tell us anything or just giggle? I thought only little girls giggled?.” Sexist, yes (it was 1959).

But it destroyed the giggly witness.

That was Rudy yesterday. All giggles and deer-in-the-headlights terror.

I didn’t see it. Was it really that bad? That would be some of the best news I’ve heard in a while.

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