MORE ON THE HUCK….Ross Douthat has more on the fact that Mike Huckabee is basically just making stuff up as he goes along and plainly doesn’t have a clue about most of the things he’s asked about. Economic policy? How about a 30% sales tax? Foreign policy? He likes Tom Friedman and Frank Gaffney, two pop commentators with almost nothing in common. Energy policy? Let’s eliminate oil imports by 2017. Immigration policy? Ship everyone back to Mexico. Etc. It’s grade school stuff.

And not to beat this into the ground, but what’s really astounding about this is that nobody actually seems to care much. But eventually somebody will, because eventually this weird combination of barstool ignorance and internet-email-list credulity is bound to produce a howler of the kind that the press likes to latch onto. There’s no telling what it will be, but it’s coming, and when it does the Huckabee boomlet will be over.

Which is yet another reason why I think Romney will win the GOP nomination: because it’s impossible for any of the others to win. Of course, neither can Romney himself, which leaves us with a problem, doesn’t it? For now, though, I’ll stick with Romney as my prediction, with McCain as a dark horse. Unfortunately, given my track record with these things, that probably means Giuliani is a lock.

UPDATE: National Review editor Rich Lowry on Huckabee’s debate pronouncement that the Fair Tax (a 30% sales tax to replace the income tax) will make poor people rich: “Does Huckabee feel as though he can just say anything if it sounds good?”

Well, yeah, pretty much. But you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

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