AN ELECTION ENIGMA….A California friend emails to tell me that he got his first campaign call last night (from Obama) and this morning he got another one. But the second call was a little more mysterious:

Today I got a call from a 213 area code, and when I picked it up a recorded voice said, “My mistake. Sorry about that.” And hung up.

…What the hell was that?

I’ve never heard of such a thing. My only guess is that this campaign, whichever one it is, will only leave a recorded message on a machine, and if you pick up you get this odd recorded apology and then it automatically hangs up on you.

Or it’s some company trying to figure out whether I’m home in the daytime. Or someone who wants to rob my house and is too lazy to call on their own.

I’m stumped. Any idea?

What say you, hive mind?

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