NEW MEXICO….The gutless milksops at CNN still refuse to project a winner in New Mexico, but we’re made of hardier stuff here at the Washington Monthly. So here it is: With 99% of the precincts finally reporting in, it looks like Hillary Clinton will win the state, and with it 13 of its 25 enchanting delegates.

And speaking of the Democratic race, did you catch 60 Minutes tonight? Talk about a contrast. Barack Obama got quizzed by Steve Kroft, who conducted a fairly ordinary softball interview, while Hillary Clinton was forced to put up with a relentlessly witless interrogation from Katie Couric. Do you like Barack Obama? Do you take vitamins? Why are you so polarizing? In high school were you the girl in the front row taking meticulous notes and always raising your hand? Was your nickname really Miss Frigidaire? In your deepest darkest moments are you afraid you might lose? Really? Are you sure? Huh? Are you? Crikey.

UPDATE: Uh oh. Maybe the milksops at CNN are on the ball after all. That’ll teach me to make dumb jokes without thinking first. But the stuff about 60 Minutes was totally serious.

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