EMAIL HELL….Remember all those millions of emails that the White House may or may not have lost over the past few years? Henry Waxman held hearings about this today and wanted to know what happened to the Automatic Records Management System, which was installed by the Clinton administration and worked fine. Information Week reports:

Theresa Payton, CIO for the White House Office of Administration, said in her prepared statement that the incoming Bush administration transitioned from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange over a two-year period from 2002-2004, and that the ARM System established by the previous administration did not work properly with Exchange.

“ARMS was a custom-designed application,” Payton testified, “and I understand that it was discovered that it just could not be effectively integrated with Microsoft Exchange.”

….Payton testified Tuesday before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee that the Bush administration had tried to institute its own archiving system, known as the Electronic Communications Records Management System, but ultimately failed.

“For several reasons, including the need for additional modifications, the identified performance issues, and projected costs, the deployment of ECRMS was canceled,” Payton said.

See? George Bush promised to run the government as if it were a business, and he did. Comparisons to the Iraq war, especially unfair but funny ones, should be left in comments.