DICK AND HILLARY….Everybody seems to be agog over yesterday’s picture of Hillary Clinton meeting with Richard Mellon Scaife, the lunatic ultra-conservative billionaire who launched a thousand anti-Clinton jeremiads during the 90s. But this has been in the works for a while. Here is the New York Times over a year ago:

Christopher Ruddy, who once worked full-time for Mr. Scaife investigating the Clintons and now runs a conservative online publication he co-owns with Mr. Scaife, said, “Both of us have had a rethinking.”

“Clinton wasn’t such a bad president,” Mr. Ruddy said. “In fact, he was a pretty good president in a lot of ways, and Dick feels that way today.”

As for the conservative response to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, Mr. Ruddy said, “The level of intensity and anger toward Hillary is not getting to the level that it was toward Bill Clinton when he was president.” He added, “She has moderated and developed a separate image.”

The fact that Richard Mellon Scaife thinks you’ve “moderated” is not necessarily a great calling card, but there you have it. Scaife is a fan. Which, I suppose, might help explain Hillary’s newfound respect for the editorial standards of the American Spectator. Ain’t life grand?