COLOMBIA?….You know, I was sort of wondering why John McCain is visiting Colombia today, and apparently I’m not the only one. Dan Balz is curious too:

Is his commitment to free trade so deep that he needed not one foreign trip (to Canada last month) but two foreign trips to make that clear to people? Is the issue of free trade so central to the outcome of the election that he intends to make it the centerpiece of his campaign strategy?

The answers — no and no — are evident just from posing the questions. Even McCain seems defensive about his short foray into Latin America….Before host Robin Roberts could even pose a question, McCain was explaining why he was there and what he was dong and that he would be home soon. He said he would be in Colombia only one day, in Mexico only one day and that the issues of free trade and drug trafficking were important enough to warrant his visit.

This is followed by several hundred words that amount to a verbal shrug of the shoulders. Oddly, though, there’s not even a brief mention of this. Peculiar, isn’t it?

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