AGUANOMICS….Yesterday I linked to David Zetland’s piece in Forbes arguing that residential water ought to be priced to better reflect genuine supply and demand. Sure, I replied, but how about agricultural water too?

Zetland emails this morning to say he more-or-less agrees: “My idea for ALL water is that it be allocated via wholesale auctions. Farmers have the rights, they can sell (take the $$) or keep the water.” What’s more, it turns out he has an entire blog dedicated to water economics. Pretty amazing place, the intertubes. I’m about to start in on Cadillac Desert, so I’ve bookmarked it and I’m going to check it out for a while. If you’re interested in water economics too, the blog is called Aguanomics, which is not only a pretty cool name, but would probably annoy Mickey Kaus. It’s a twofer!

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