FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….We have indoor pictures in the morning light this week. On the left, Inkblot peers down at the world from underneath a piece of Marian’s handiwork draped over the upstairs railing. On the right, Domino peers balefully out at me for interrupting her morning nap. Sometimes you just have to put the catblogging paparazzi in their place, don’t you?

And now, this news from the recent Ducati Superbike Concorso in Lexington, Ohio:

The overall win and the trip for two to the Ducati factory went to Alan Wilzig, for his pristine 1974 750 Sport. Alan may have won the competition, but story of the weekend went to Ducatisti Kevin Drum and Amy Chraston; whose surprise wedding proposal (and immediate acceptance) in the middle of the Superbike Concorso display on Saturday brought cheers from the delighted crowd.

Best wishes from the California Drums to the happy couple.

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