‘I’M READING IT FROM YOUR BOOK, DUDE’…. If you’re a regular viewer of “The Daily Show,” you may remember a segment from nearly three years ago, in which correspondent Jason Jones interviewed a “sexual reorientation coach” named Richard Cohen. It was, of course, pretty amusing, and Cohen — a man who claims to have “overcome” homosexuality — looked pretty ridiculous.

What’s not funny at all is is that Cohen’s work is now being used in Uganda to justify support for legislation to punish gays — up to and including executions for men who have sex with other men. Cohen, who says he strongly rejects the Uganda effort, was interviewed last night by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. The segment is definitely worth watching.

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It’s difficult to summarize, but the portions that stood out for me were Rachel’s direct quotes from Cohen’s book, which he was completely unwilling to support. When he seemed incredulous — as if Rachel were simply making up quotes — she explained, “I’m reading it from your book, dude.”

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