THE NEW $100…. How predictable have conservatives become? Just 24 hours ago, DougJ made a prediction: “I’m pretty sure that the new $100 bills will produce some kind of wingnut freakout. The most obvious angle is, ‘They look like European money!’”

Right on cue, Drudge came through:

Even Obama’s New $100 Bill Looks European…

Might as Well Be a Euro…

A couple of things. First, the new $100 bill doesn’t look like a Euro, not that there’s anything wrong with the appearance of Euros anyway.

Second, the design for the new $100 bill was adopted — you guessed it — during the Bush/Cheney administration. It was supposed to go into circulation in 2008, but was delayed “to give the government time to refine all the new security features.”

Add this to the list of steps the Republican administration took to make us more “European.”

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