Well three cheers for capitalism; the Marxists lose again. In an update to the strange case of Timothy Chandler, the Kent State academic whose candidacy to become provost of a Georgia state college was derailed when someone discovered that Chandler quoted Karl Marx in a paper he wrote a decade ago, he’s staying in Ohio.

According to an article by Jim Galloway in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

After thoughtful consideration, Dr. Timothy J.L. Chandler has withdrawn his acceptance of the position of Kennesaw State University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

“I have decided it is in the best interest of Kennesaw State University for me to withdraw at this time. I feel strongly about the commitment that I made to elevating Kennesaw State University’s academic stature. However, I have now come to believe that the recent distractions caused by external forces would interfere with my effectiveness as provost,” stated Dr. Chandler.

This does mean that Kent State will apparently continue to employ Chandler .

Then again, it’s Kent State. They’re all radicals there anyway, right?

Read Galloway’s entertaining summary of Chandler’s (rather uncontroversial) career here. [Image via]

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