This probably has little to do with Penn State but at least one college has decided varsity football isn’t worth it anymore.

According to an article by Zack Harold at the Charleston Daily Mail:

A panel of state lawmakers approved big changes to West Virginia University Institute of Technology on Monday, axing the school’s football program and paving the way for a leadership change in December.

Russ Dean, senior associate provost at WVU, released a letter to the WVU Tech community Monday evening detailing the steps the school would take following the decision. “The high cost of operating this program, coupled with low fan attendance and support, makes this decision necessary,” Dean wrote.

The school has a $7 million cash deficit. The audit found that 11 percent of the school’s total budget went toward athletics. Some 3 percent went toward football alone.

West Virginia Tech has maintained a football team since 1907. The school won one of the ten football games the team played this year.

The report also indicated that the school’s library and computer systems are out of date and the campus doesn’t offer wireless internet access. [Image via]

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