Day’s End and Weekend Watch

* Meditating on the Derrick Bell/Obama “scandal” of the last few days, Paul Waldman says the hard-core Right is making it very difficult to avoid accusations of racism.

* On a parallel track, David Graham listens to Sarah Palin talking about Obama and Bell and figures she’s saying support for diversity is the same as support for apartheid.

* Karen Tumulty reminds us that Republican success in 2010 depended a lot on major gains with women–gains the GOP is now working hard to squander.

* Extended GOP nominating contest is forcing Romney to undertake major new fundraising drive.

* Unsurpsingly, congressional Republicans not real impressed with recent job gains.

And in non-political news:

* And in sad, non-political news: “Disco Inferno” singer Jimmy Ellis dies at 74.

That’s it from me for the week. This weekend, I’m pleased to announce a new Guest Blogger, Kathleen Geier. She’s guest-blogged before at The American Prospect and The Atlantic, and formerly wrote (as “Kathy G.”) at her personal blog, The G Spot. Please welcome her warmly!


Ed Kilgore

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