Typically busy hump-day news cycle. Here are some extras:

* Brietbart op Jason Mattera ambushes “Bono” for in-your-face interview–but turns out it’s a Bono impersonator. Great journalism, Jason.

* RNC notes rule limiting nominations of candidates at convention to those with plurality of delegates from five states–which will almost certainly exclude candidate making noises about convention win–Newt Gingrich.

* Speaking of Newt, both he and Rick Santorum showed up with Etch-a-Sketch props on campaign trail today. Eric Fehrnstrom probably being shunned at Romney HQ by now.

* Nearly a million signatures already on petition demanding arrest of Trayvon Martin’s alleged killer.

* Turmoil continues at Komen Foundation, as CEO of NY affiliate resigns.

* Nielson summarizes data on visits to presidential campaign sites; Obama site drawing more visits than four GOP candidates combined.

And in more-or-less non-political news:

* Tim Tebow traded to New York Jets. National Review headline: “Tebow to Gomorrah.”

After perhaps last primary where results really matter, I’m sleep-deprived. See you tomorrow.


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Ed Kilgore is a political columnist for New York and managing editor at the Democratic Strategist website. He was a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly from January 2012 until November 2015, and was the principal contributor to the Political Animal blog.