Lunch Buffet

My wife has wisely banned me from eating anywhere near the fine new computer she bought me, so I’ll abstain for the moment, but here are some safe virtual goodies:

* PPP survey of Colorado shows Obama lead shrinking from 13 points to 7 (he’s still up 49-42).

* TAP’s Jamelle Bouie explains firing of UVa president Teresa Sullivan as reflecting big donor anger at her resistance to “corporate-style governance.”

* Romney refuses to ask supporters to stop heckling at Obama events.

* At College Guide, Daniel Luzer reports on Duquesne University’s unsuccessful effort to claim “religious freedom” means it is exempt from labor laws.

* TPM’s Benjy Sarlin reports on first steps taken by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

And in non-political news:

* Walgreen buys big stake in European retailer Alliance Boots, creating world’s largest private purchaser of Rx drugs.

Back after I get the requisite ten feet from the iMac and consume a snack.

Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore, a Monthly contributing editor, is a columnist for the Daily Intelligencer, New York magazine’s politics blog, and the managing editor for the Democratic Strategist.