We’re about to have a rare all-hands WaMo meeting shortly, but so as to make sure all you folk remain entertained and informed, we’re bringing in our frequent Guest Blogger Kathleen Geier to write a couple of posts in my temporary absence. For now, here are some mid-day appetizers:

* Byron York trashes John Boehner’s “astonishingly bad” message on the sequester.

* New Pew survey shows Hagel a bit better known (half of respondents now have an opinion of him), but not in a great way (favorable/unfavorable ratio of 22/28). On the other hand, his numbers are pretty close to Marco Rubio’s (26/29).

* TPM’s Sahil Kapur pens useful preview of Supreme Court oral arguments next week on Voting Rights Act challenge.

* The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball records that it’s been more than two-and-a-half years since Senate passed major legislation.

* As expected, Pentagon issues furlough warning to its 800,000 civilian employees.

And in non-political news:

* A slideshow I just couldn’t resist: 10 worst movie accents. They missed Tony Curtis in Taras Bulba, though.

Back later this afternoon.

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