I need to apologize to Politico‘s Darren Samuelsohn for calling him “Drew Samuelson” (an actual person, but not the right person) in yesterday’s Lunch Buffet. It’s been corrected, but here’s a fresh link to his fine piece on the Pentagon’s record in dealing with sexual assaults.

Here are some midday morsels from the pantry:

* Unemployment rate in Greece hits record 27.6%. Thank you, Austerians.

* Scott Brown playing coy on possible 2014 gubernatorial bid.

* TNR’s Julia Ioffe gets some pretty serious revenge against MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell for shouting her down during a discussion of U.S.-Russia relations on his show.

* CNN’s Sanjay Gupta recants and apologizes for past opposition to legalization of medical marijuana.

* TMI: Recording surfaces of Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager admitting he’s “holding my nose” to work for Mitch in order to help Rand Paul run for president in 2016.

And in non-political news:

* 4 killed, 4 wounded in “shooting spree” that occurred at two locations in and near Dallas. I’m reminded of Lisa Kudrow’s mordant misstatement on Web Therapy of the NRA’s slogan as “Guns don’t kill; people with guns kill.”

As I break for lunch, here’s the J.B.’s with the very funky “You Can Have Watergate,” continuing our gala Nixon Resignation Commemoration.

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