I’ve been having some weird computer/browser issues this morning, so please bear with a somewhat erratic posting schedule til it’s all worked out.

Here are some midday snacky-snacky treats:

* Times Public Editor explains how Vladimir Putin wound up on the op-ed pages via the services of a U.S. public relations firm.

* TNR’s Jonathan Cohn offers more detail on the decidedly un-“clean” House GOP continuing resolution that’s objectionable even without the Obamacare “defunding” rider.

* Jonathan Chait explains the un-“clean” nature of CR is why zero House Democrats are supporting it, which means GOP leadership can’t lose more than a handful of wingnuts to get it over to the Senate.

* TAP’s Abby Rapoport argues Colorado recall vote shows “nationalization” of gun regulation efforts isn’t working.

* House adjourns, and won’t be back in session until September 23, according to Nancy Pelosi.

And in non-political news:

* Property dispute seems to have been cause of George/Shellie Zimmerman fracas.

Back after another computer diagnosis break. Lest we forget recent history, here’s another song about Russia from some people who have felt the wrath of Vladimir Putin:

Ed Kilgore

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