Lord-a-mercy, the caterwauling about Obamacare that jumped off the computer and smacked me in the face this morning nearly drove me back to bed. Instead, I’ve tried and will continue to try to unravel some of the latest controversies.

Here is a midday news/views snack mix, lightly salted:

* In case you were still wondering, John Boenher says he has “no intention” of “ever” going to conference to consider the Senate immigration reform bill.

* The Hill‘s Alexander Bolton reports Harry Reid doesn’t presently have the votes to “go nuclear” on judicial filibusters. No names of Dem holdouts listed, however.

* At TAP, Amelia Thomson-Deveaux explores anti-choicher shift to “supply-side strategy” of restricting or shutting down abortion providers. More on that later.

* Haven’t finished reading Mariah Blake’s vast TNR piece on the collapse of the Unification Church in the U.S, but what I’ve gotten through so far is fascinating.

* Randi Rhodes’ syndicated liberal radio talk show cancelled as of year’s end.

* Former longtime Clinton administration staffer and DLC president Bruce Reed leaving his gig as Biden’s chief-of-staff.

And in non-political news:

* As 2013 performance begins to affect NFL team attendance, you can now score a Jacksonville Jaguars’ ticket for an average price of $62.

Back after a lunch break. Here’s E.L.O. again with “Boy Blue.”

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