Maybe I am just tired from driving to and from the airport, but I had to read George Will’s column three times before I thought that I maybe kind of understood it. Reading his stuff sometimes feels like my efforts to read Spanish. I can kind of follow along until I can’t. “What is that word doing there?” “Does it mean something different than what I think it means?”

Unless you immerse yourself in the Mighty Right-Wing Wurlitzer media bubble, comparing the president to George III makes no sense. These so-called “egregious” offenses against the separations of power are largely the creation of heat-fevered minds. Mr. Will’s concern that a law he loathes, the Affordable Care Act, isn’t being implemented according to the exact wording of the bill is touching. These are the same crocodile tears they shed for the American victims in Benghazi and for prisoner-of-war Bowe Bergdahl. They politicize every single little thing.

So, by all means, try to take the president to court to enforce the Affordable Care Act. It would be poetic justice.

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