Gotta say, I’m enjoying Joe Jackson’s birthday. I can’t match commenter C U N D Gulag’s wonderful anecdotes about hanging out with Joe back in the day (see the Daylight Video comment thread), but did have seats practically on the stage when he performed in DC in the late 1990s, and loved every minute. As the happy crowd left after the concert, someone said, “He hasn’t gotten any better looking, has he?” and we all laughed and could not have cared less.

Here are some remains of the day:

* Seems some of the Halbig plaintiffs now claiming nobody could read the Affordable Care Act and think it was less than clear about banning subsidies for federal exchange participants actually assumed otherwise in earlier anti-Obamacare suits.

* Unsurprisingly, White House telegraphing support for Iraqi president’s effort to force Maliki from office.

* Hawaii Democrats pull off post-election “unity breakfast,” even though the Senate contest is still (at least officially) unresolved.

* At Ten Miles Square, Jonthan Bernstein defends the Iowa GOP Straw Poll.

* At College Guide, Andre Perry reports that Teach for America is beginning to look a lot more like the populations it serves.

And in quasi-nonpolitical news:

* FBI investigating fatal police shooting of unarmed African-American Missouri teenager.

That’s it for Monday. Here’s one more Joe Jackson video, performing “Down to London” in 1989.

YouTube video


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Ed Kilgore

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