I haven’t watched much baseball this season but I did watch the latter half of last night’s Baltimore Orioles/Kansas City Royals game. Not only was it exciting but I got tuned into the amazing run the Royals are on, having already won four extra-inning games in this playoffs alone. That’s never been done before in an entire playoffs. They’re a scrappy little low budget team, and they have a new fan. On the other hand, the Orioles are pretty scrappy, too. I think I’ll be tuning into more games from now on.

Jonathan Bernstein argues that dynastic political families are still important in this country but probably less so than in the past.

Amanda Terkel points out that while the Wisconsin government insists that $7.25/hour is a living wage, Gov. Scott Walker refused to make that argument in last night’s debate. He also refused to say that the rate should be raised.

I get that being a straight white male is like playing the game of life on the easy setting, but this mainly convinces me that I truly suck at this game.

When people ask why this strain of Ebola got out of control and created scenes straight of Dante, they should ask which constituency in America is fighting for the kind of funds that are needed to make a global health organization that is up to the task of facing these kind of outbreaks. It shouldn’t be America’s responsibility, but these things don’t get created without American leadership. And, last I checked, the people complaining about foreign aid and the United Nations were making the most noise around here.

This is apparently real. Phyllis Schlafly said that “President Barack Obama is allowing people infected with Ebola to enter the United States in order to make the country more like Africa.” Because that makes sense.

Here’s my favorite Rickie Lee Jones song:

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