As you might expect, we”re going to wrap up blogging early today since I am sure readership is low, and like me, many readers have seasonal events to attend. So that means Lunch Buffet followed by a bit more pre-Christmas stuffing before we hang it up. I should note now that in the few weekdays after Christmas I plan to do some serious review-of-the-year material, which I hope, among other things, will encourage those of you who have not done so already to make a donation to the Washington Monthly in whatever amount you can afford. Thank you!

And now here are some midday news/views snacks on a red-and-green plate:

* First legal challenge to Obama’s executive action on immigration dismissed by federal judge.

* Final report of House Government Oversight Committee on IRS “scandal” finds no evidence of White House involvement.

* Jeb Busb emails from his governorship go public; no bombshells of note.

* Peter Beinart calls Marco Rubio’s unregenerate Cold War views a matter of “filial piety.”

* TNR’s Rebecca Leber discusses what Obama needs to do to keep environmentalists as happy with him as they are right now.

And in non-political news:

* Updates on Christmas Eve storms: some crazy weather.

As we break for lunch, here’s another Christmas Eve favorite: Emmylou Harris performing “Light of the Stable.” I bought this album for my late mother back when it first came out in 1979. Still love it.

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