“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count and everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Albert Einstein

Why go to law school – or not

Part I – What to Look for in a Law School
Location really matters and here’s why
Size matters, but less than you might think
High quality students are a good thing, except when they are not
How specialization can be important – for some people
Visit campus – talk to 1Ls

Part II – The Different Factors – In No Special Order
LSAT Scores – median & top and bottom 5%
GPA Scores – median & top and bottom 5% – comparability warning
Local – limited to schools in area – rated by judges and lawyers
National – identify top national law schools
rated by groups (i.e., top 5% – top 15% – top 25%)
not ranked within groups
rated by law school deans & judges
Job placement – several dates & criteria (& why)
Graduation/6 months/10 months
Include both law school assisted & unassisted
Bar passage rate – 5 schools where most graduates took July exam
1L class size (3 yr average) – large section – small section (if any) –
Legal research section
Courses – number of different subjects per year (ranges, not exact)
Tuition – include in & out of state –
Link to short (150 word) statement by each school – why it is special

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Alan B. Morrison

Alan B. Morrison is the Associate Dean for Public Interest & Public Service Law, George Washington University Law School.