* Earlier today I pointed to one of the areas of inquiry the FBI is pursuing with respect to Jared Kushner – the fact that he managed the voter micro targeting work done by Cambridge Analytica. The question this raises is whether or not he cooperated with Russia to micro target voters—specifically in states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—by sharing data with them? While not mentioning Kushner in particular, today at the Recode Conference in Southern California, Hillary Clinton gave some examples of how that might have played out. In other words…she gets it.

YouTube video

* This is bizarre:

President Donald Trump has been handing out his cellphone number to world leaders and urging them to call him directly, an unusual invitation that breaks diplomatic protocol and is raising concerns about the security and secrecy of the U.S. commander in chief’s communications.

* Here is a Republican not only admitting to the strategy used against Clinton, but bragging about trotting it out again to use against Elizabeth Warren.

Republicans are getting a jump on Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign.

The Massachusetts Democrat is preparing to run for re-election to the Senate in 2018 and hasn’t said yet whether she’ll challenge President Donald Trump for the White House. But in-state and national Republican officials have decided to target the liberal icon anyway, saying they will try to inflict enough damage during the Senate race to harm any future presidential effort — and perhaps dissuade her from running altogether…

“We learned from our experience with Secretary (Hillary) Clinton that when you start earlier, the narratives have more time to sink in and resonate with the electorate,” said Colin Reed, executive director at the Republican outside group America Rising.

* Yep, ya gotta love the junior Senator from Minnesota.

* What just happened to LeBron James is a good reminder that all the money and fame in the world won’t protect him from racism. In this video he’s wearing an Emmett Till t-shirt. The sadness mixed with supressed rage in his voice is haunting.

* But god forbid that King James should ever protest.

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