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Picking Up the TAB

Watching the performance of politicians and the press, the average man might be tempted to conclude that welfare reform is the issue no one wants to touch. Hasn’t President Nixon abandoned his Family Assistance Plan, brushing off the crocodile tears as Congress refuses to pass it? Hasn’t George McGovern found his $1,000-per-person grant a bigger […]

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The Burn Ward

Edwards picked up the stethoscope from his desk. “Look,” he said, “You can say what you want about the Army and its problems, but I learned this much from going home: the Army treats you better dead than alive. I know,” he added quickly to keep the captain from talking. “I know, it was my […]

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Tilting at Windmills

Should you still need convincing that Wall Street salaries and bonuses have been excessive, consider this fact supplied by former newspaper reporter and Wall Street executive William D. Cohan in the New York Times: “Compensation has historically consumed half or more of every dollar of revenue generated on Wall Street.” Wall Street tells us its […]

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Letters, May 1969

The political reporters who cover Presidential politics are the cream of Washington’s crop. The fact that even they have a “credibility gap,” in spite of their experience and sense of ethics, is in itself significant. In that connection, I note David Broder’s reference (The Washington Monthly, February 1969) to Hubert Humphrey’s walking arm in arm […]