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The All Purpose Made-to-Order Korean Airliner Tragedy Story

In the wake of the Korean airline tragedy in September, conservatives and liberals have attempted to explain the incident in light of their political views. Unfortunately, since so little evidence has emerged so far that reveals what really happened, these explanations have been largely speculative. The Washington Monthly, however, has managed to obtain advance galleys of dramatic, narrative accounts of the demise of KAL 007 that will be appearing shortly in three leading magazines: Paranoid Review, The New Apologist, and The Moscow Monthly.

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Values, Personal Choice, and The Failure of Liberalism

Do you remember the 1980 Republican convention? Think back for a minute and you’ll recall that there was a five-word mantra that recurred over and over—it was printed on the platform, repeated by speaker after speaker, even hoisted on banners. The five words were family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom; they were cojoined by a little-known speechwriter named […]

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Community Without Conformity

A couple of years ago I came across a huge set of photographs taken all over the United States in the 1940s. They struck me with great force, mostly because they seemed to direct attention irresistibly toward what might be called the American character. While the pictures showed a country in some ways vastly more heterogeneous than […]

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Harvard vs. Democracy

Readers of The Boston Globe awoke one morning in 1981 to a peculiarly revealing story about Harvard. It seems that administrators at the John F. Kennedy School of Government were contemplating a name change to bring the school into conformity with Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, whose professional cachet they envied and whose […]