Posted inJune 1981

Reagan’s Dr. Strange Love

Every so often a certain kind of person involved in public affairs arouses within those who disagree an emotional response so strong, so angry, that you get a little curious about what it is that causes all the snorts and sighs when his name comes up. One of those people in Washington right now is […]

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Who Will Catch the Falling Star?

In the aftermath of the attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life, people rediscovered the back of their newspapers. The front pages were crammed with diagrams of brains and photos of Jodie Foster’s midriff and instructions on how to buy handguns. You had to flip way to the back if you wanted to read about anything besides […]

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Washington’s Real Estate Secrets

It’s easy to get lost in Washington, and the easiest place is around the Mall, where partial rotaries and unmarked ramps give driving a distinct Alice-in-Wonderland quality. Many of the unmarked ramps lead to the Virginia bridges, and even native Washingtonians fear these roads. The attrition rate for tourists is especially high. Like medieval sailors […]

Posted inJanuary 1981

Rooting for Reagan

One morning in the first week of October, several of Jimmy Carter’s top political advisors picked up their telephones and asked to be connected to prominent reporters and editors around Washington. As each waited for the voice at the other end, rage—genuine or calculated for the occasion—boiled toward the surface. The Carter staffers were fed […]